Daylight Robbery
Filmfest 2008

"Using the chaos of the World Cup competition as their cover, a crew of crackerjack bank robbers scheme to steal millions of pounds in used bank notes from a London bank before the cold hard cash is incinerated as scheduled. After checking in early for a flight to Germany, in order to establish their alibi, the thieves quickly steal out to the airport parking lot, pile into a van and stealthily drive toward their target. Their plan to smash the van into the building and grab the cash suddenly goes awry when a member of the gang is badly injured in the crash. With the clock counting down before their flight takes to the sky, the group is forced to alter their plan as police attempt to negotiate with the crew through the crumpled van. The negotiations are quickly stalled when the robbers refuse to negotiate, leaving the police with no other choice than to hatch a plan to storm the bank. When the police finally do gain entry into the bank, the sight they find leaves even the most sharp-minded law enforcer hopelessly speechless." Jason Buchanan, All-Movie Guide

tags: Feature film

Cast: Geoff Bell, Vas Blackwood, Leo Gregory, Johnny Harris


Director: Paris Leonti