Lucky People
Filmfest 2008

Forty-year-old novelist Hans Schiller becomes an overnight success and he wants to celebrate with Helene and Tom, old friends from college. The three of them used to be independent, free-wheeling Bohemians and very close. But now Hans wears suits and owns a Porsche and a house in the country. The feast is a formal affair and they all have their partners with them. Eccentric Helene's boyfriend polishes cars and owns a house in a small town. Wannabe actor Tom's girlfriend is a world-weary art collector. And Hans' new flame, Angela, is a young hairdresser from the suburbs. Old petty jealousies soon turn the festive meal into a disaster... A tragi-comic set piece, shot by six cameramen in a three day improvisational marathon.
Jan Georg Schütte

tags: Feature film

Cast: Stephan Schad, Susanne Wolff, Meret Becker, Pheline Roggan, Ole Schloßhauer


Director: Jan Georg Schütte