The Resisters
Filmfest 2008

This is the first comprehensive documentary portrayal of the White Rose, the movement led by Munich students and their spirit of resistance to the Nazi regime. Companions, girlfriends, brothers and sisters tell the story of how they supported the distribution of tracts, how they survived Gestapo interrogation and courtroom trials in the Nazis’ Volksgerichtshof. The first conversations for the documentary were conducted in the year 2000. Some of these witnesses have, in the meantime, passed away. Their irretrievable testimony renders the resistance work of the friends intelligible and transforms these heroic figures into political people. These personal statements are subtly and aesthetically fused with original documents. Previously unseen photos from their teenage years, photographs of the locations where these acts were perpetrated, of the Gestapo officers, judges and executioners create an authentic portrait of the White Rose that takes us beyond the legend. Katrin Seybold

With: Traute Lafrenz-Page, Hans Hirzel, Susanne Zeller-Hirzel, Elisabeth Hartnagel

tags: Documentary


Director: Katrin Seybold