King of Pain
Filmfest 2008

"I have to feel it. It really has to hurt." says Thomas Thieme during the rehearsals for the play "Moliere". This film is about a man, who gives everything, who defines his acting as an act of transgressing boundaries, and who seems to rush headlong towards self-destruction without hesitation. Thieme, is not satisfied with the world and is not concerned with pleasing the audience. Furthermore, he is straightforward about his view of humanity and thereby risks being looked at as disgusting and sick. This documentary follows Thomas Thieme, famous for his extreme and drastic stage performances, during the greatest challenge of his life: "Moliere", directed by Luk Perceval - a montage of four Moliere plays - 130 pages of text and 5 months of rehearsals. An unapologetic portrait of Thieme, and a rare glimpse of the fine line between art and life. Nikolai Eberth

With: Thomas Thieme, Luk Perceval, Feridun Zaimoglu

tags: Documentary


Director: Nikolai Eberth