Filmfest 2008

John Kelly is an ordinary man stuck between a rock and a much harder place. He needs cash. Fast. He accepts a job to kidnap and deliver professional gambler Eli Jones to his keepers in the Australian outback: No questions asked. The kidnapping is meticulously planned, but not without its foils. A meddling outback cop and a hapless truckie unwittingly become unexpected players in the deadly game. With no on-the-job experience, John sets out to settle the task at hand with his only companion, Bonnie; a red, grunting 1972 Ford Fairmont XA. The journey takes both captor and hostage out of the safety of the city, deep into the darkness of the desert where choices will be made with tragic consequences. As time and distance roll by, the courage and endurance of both is pushed to the limit in a land where the point of no return is hard to see through the bitumen haze.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Travis McMahon, David Lyons, Bryan Brown, Shane Jacobson


Director: Jasmine Yuen-Carrucan