Outta Control!
Filmfest 2008

Seventeen-year-old high school student Oliver Rother loses a piece of scratch paper with his rap lyrics on it. He doesn't even realize he's lost it until his teachers find it - and they are shocked. Oliver's lyrics are about killing them in a high school, Columbine-type massacre. The principal informs the police and Oliver is placed in a psychiatric clinic to find out if he's mentally imbalanced or not. His parents feel helpless and totally confused; did they ever really know their son? Oliver´s teachers are disconcerted: should they let him stay at school or throw him out? Nobody wants the responsibility: what if Oliver were to actually run amok and carry out a blood bath? But, on the other hand, nobody wants to ruin the boy's future. Oliver suffers more and more as the pressure builds. Not even his own parents trust him anymore and as far as the kids at school are concerned, he's a joke. Katja, a girl he meets in the clinic, tries to help him – but the situation seems to escalate… Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ludwig Trepte, Jenny Schily, Jürgen Tonkel, Fjodor Olev


Director: Nicole Weegmann