In the World of the Stars
Filmfest 2008

"An incredibly high-budget science film from Ufa Studios, which aims to do no less than summarize the state of mankind's knowledge of the universe. 15 special effects experts and nine cameramen worked on this film, which combines documentary footage, staged scenes and animation sequences with elements from adventure and science fiction films. Some of the images today seem like direct models for Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. The film's symbol for progress and the dawn of a new scientific era is a spaceship crossing the milky way and introducing us to all the planets and their various attributes along the way. However, the film's educational aims gradually give way to an almost comedic tone, as the impeding end of the world is described as a new, incontrovertible scientific fact and presents us with highly detailed apocalyptic scenes of the end of humanity. This amazing film shows us how people in the '20s imagined the universe to be and communicated it." Kinemathek Bonn

tags: Animation, Documentary, Feature film

With: Margarete Schlegel, Theodor Loos, Paul Bildt, Oskar Marion


Director: Hanns-Walter Kornblum, Johannes Meyer, Rudolf Biebrach