We've come to complain!
Filmfest 2008

We've come to complain! - A phenomenology of dissent in 71 variations - illustrated by means of a fast food restaurant chain consists of 71 variations on the phenomenon of opposition, some associatively, others based on concrete examples. Different components show a struggle revolving around the opening of a McDonalds fast food franchise and raises crucial global issues, one of them being: how do we want to live? A housewife and mother of two children, a young student (both of them members of an anti-McDonalds action group), a pensioner, a political science professor and a web designer – they are the protagonists connected by the debate/protest that runs throughout the film. The film also includes other sociopolitical views featuring, among others, slow food advocates, nutritionists, politicians, food watch activists, tai chi masters, meteorologists and pedestrians. A documentary that questions traditional narrative conventions as well as documentary settings and social conditions.

With: Katrin Schmidtberger, Birgit Rau, Mario Schneider, Prof. Dr. Peter Grotian

tags: Documentary


Director: Sobo Swobodnik