La Matinée
Filmfest 2008

After 20 years of retirement, several legendary 'murga' greats are reunited by two young musicians to play in the Uruguayan carnival scene: Ramon "Cuita" Correa (65), the most famous snare drum player in the country, lives with his wife and six children in a slum on the outskirts of Montevideo; "El Loco" Ian Betancour (67), who plays the cymbals, became an alcoholic until AA saved his life; Walter "Tate" Taveira describes experiences from his criminal life prior to his exile in Venezuela, where he worked as a driver for prostitutes. Aside from the colorful whirl of local carnival and the irrepressible drive of the veteran musicians' beat, the film offers us a unique and intimate look at the lives of these amazing characters and the musical style unique to Uruguayan carnival. The murga (meaning noise) is a percussion-based (bass drum, snare and cymbals) style of recital with a many-voiced chorus that combines social themes and carnival comedy.

tags: Documentary

With: Marcel Keoroglian, Carlos Salinas, Alberto “Beto” Mederos, José “Poroto” Mizraji


Director: Sebastián Bednarik