Mozart in China
Filmfest 2008

Li Wei, a 10-year-old Austrian boy of Chines descent, invites his friend Danny to spend summer vacation at his grandfather's house on the island of Hainan off the southern tip of China. Mozart, a puppet from the Salzburg Marionette Theater, comes alive that night, stows away in Danny’s suitcase and flies to China with them. For the two boys, life on the unspoilt island is exotic and adventurous. Li Wei's grandfather, with the help of his granddaughter Lin Lin, is still in the process of restoring his shadow theater, which was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. A tender friendship develops between Danny and Lin Lin, and Mozart falls in love with the beautiful princess from the shadow theater, for whom he composes the “Chinese Sonata.” But then the loan shark who lent Li Wei's grandfather money for the restoration comes knocking on the door and wants his last payments in 10 days or the house will be sold to an international hotel chain. Mozart, the kids and the shadow puppets have to find a way to save the theater and grandfather's house...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Kaspar Simonischek, Marco Yuam, Mingmei Quan, Peter Simonischek


Director: Bernd Neuburger