Dog Eat Dog
Filmfest 2008

"Set in the Colombian crime world, Carlos Moreno's smartly directed debut feature DOG EAT DOG depicts a brutal universe where gangsters are as vicious as rabid street dogs and voodoo reigns as the supreme form of punishment. El Orejón is a violent and agoraphobic crime boss who lives surrounded by telescopes in a luxury high-rise apartment in the center of the city. When his godson is killed, he beseeches Iris, a voodoo priestess, to avenge the murder by casting a deadly spell on the shooter. While Iris conducts her black magic, miles from her a small-town heavy named Victor Peñaranda is carrying out a job to collect money from a slippery pair of twins. He makes a disastrous decision to break the sacred law of the crime world - he keeps the cash for himself. His choice unwittingly sets off a detonation pattern that wreaks havoc through two cities and the realm of the netherworld. One of the best genre films to come out of Colombia in years marks Carlos Moreno as an exciting talent to watch." Sundance Int. Film Festival 2008

tags: Feature film

Cast: Marlon Moreno, Oscar Borda, Alvaro Rodriguez, Blas Jaramillo


Director: Carlos Moreno