Filmfest 2008

"What happens to the 705 residents of Crawford, Texas when George W. Bush moves to town? Months after he arrives, Bush declares his candidacy for President, using their town as the perfect set-piece to project a folksy image. Crawford explodes overnight. Droves of tourists buy t-shirts at their brand new stores; the high school band plays at the inauguration; their Baptist pastor calls it a miracle. But with the Iraq War and the arrival of 20,000 protesters in Crawford's backyards, political conflict mounts in the town itself, pushing a progressive teacher and her student to the brink - and beyond. Soon, tourists stop coming; the stores are boarded up. But the human impact of political stagecraft runs even deeper. Now, through the eyes of Crawford's colorful, dynamic people, comes a unique reflection on the last seven years." "When a friend told me that Bush had moved into Crawford in '99, just before announcing his candidacy for President, I realized how well his political stagecraft had worked; I'd bought the folksy narrative - hook, line and sinker. I wanted to see this town he'd made into a symbol - his Western White house. We were told that if we went to the Fina gas station before dawn we could find some of Crawford's farmers drinking their morning coffee. We walked in, groggy, at 5:30 am. Six men sitting around a table stopped mid-conversation and looked up; their faces read: 'Who the hell are these kids and what are they doing here?' Pug Meyers, Bill Holmes and their friends were friendly, shy, funny, wily - skeptical of the media, but willing to give us the benefit of the doubt. Two hours later, we took out the camera. And in three years we had a movie." David Modigliani "As richly-textured, well-observed and well-crafted as it is thought-provoking. The characters are riveting and colorful and their story is a compelling journey through the Bush era." Richard Linklater

tags: Documentary


Director: David Modigliani