Kronos. End and Beginning
Filmfest 2008

Director Olaf Wehling turns to the world of Greek mythology with KRONOS to give a contemporary version of the story of Kronos, Uranus, Gaia and Rhea as a family on the run in the desert from an apocalyptic catastrophe. The head of the family, Uranus, is played by Klaus Grünberg (whose credits include The Longing and Bella Martha), his wife Gaia by Munich-based actress and Chabrol 'regular' Isolde Barth, while the daughter Rhea and son Kronos were cast with up-and-coming talents Sonja Grüntzig and Sergej Moya. Oktay Oezdemir – who appeared in Detlev Buck's Tough Enough and Zueli Aladag's Anger – is cast as a mute boy whose attempts to help the family survive in the blistering heat lead to a fatal chain of events. "Thematically, KRONOS may not follow on from Down the Drain, but it again shows that Olav likes working with an ensemble cast," producer Lisa Groezinger explains. "He enjoys the work with actors and they were all there the whole time. There were only lead parts in this film."

tags: Feature film

Cast: Isolde Barth, Klaus Grünberg, Sergei Moya, Sonja Grüntzig, Oktay Özdemir


Director: Olav F. Wehling