With Your Permission
Filmfest 2008

With Your Permission is a comedy about ordinary Jan, who has no easy life. He is by far the most unpopular employee at work and at home it’s even worse. His marriage is not so ordinary: His wife Bente is on the verge of a breakdown and beats him every night. Jan’s boss finally sends him into group therapy, where an unlikely friendship emerges between Jan and the two mechanics Rudy and Alf. Had Jan only known that Alf loved the Opera, and had Bente known what Rudy and Alf were up to, they would never have let them into their home. On the corner of chance and destiny, their lives now take unexpected turns. Nordisk Film International "Anders Thomas Jensen is the best screenwriter working in the world today... A wicked black comedy about a ne'er do well restaurant manager who's being physically abused by his overbearing wife and seeks solace in group therapy. Only the Danes could find humour in spousal abuse, and make it easily translatable to American audiences." Alan Bacchus, Daily Film Dose

tags: Feature film

Cast: Lars Brygmann, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Rasmus Bjerg


Director: Paprika Steen