Billy Liar
Filmfest 2008

Billy Liar is a blast from the past that has lost none of its mischief, poignancy and spiky wit. Having understudied Albert Finney in the stage version, Courtenay doesn't so much play his Mittyesque malcontent as become him. In the first of three collaborations with Schlesinger, meanwhile, Christie is little short of magical. Into Billy's life, arms swinging, comes Liz (Julie Christie), a dream of free-spiritedness who offers Billy, at long last, a real chance for escape. In a career-making performance, Christie sent hearts reeling, her fearless aplomb the radiant counterpoint to Billy’s cowed subservience. (In the DVD’s audio commentary, featuring new interviews with Christie, Courtenay and Schlesinger, Christie says that Liz was just like her and dozens of girls she knew in London.) Sam Adams, Philadelphia City Paper

tags: Feature film

Cast: Julie Christie, Tom Courtenay, Wilfred Pickles, Mona Washbourne


Director: John Schlesinger