The Sky, the Earth and the Rain
Filmfest 2008

Snippets of lives moving through stark isolation form the narrative of Jose Luis Torres Leiva's remarkable feature helming debut, The Sky, the Earth and the Rain. While its plot doesn't sound auspicious, pic derives its strengths from Torres Leiva's masterful control of form, rigorous, painterly compositions and ability to change scenes just seconds before they outstay their welcome. Variety I think The Sky, The Earth, and the Rain, by the Chilean filmmaker Jose Luis Torres Leiva, is by far the best film in competition, and one of the best I've seen all week. Set in southern Chile and shot with mostly natural light, it's a ravishing visual experience, and a true landscape film. Leiva told me he watched films by Apichatpong and Pedro Costa before filming, and their influence is palpable, in the dappled light and rigorous compositions, respectively, but it emerges as a great work in its own right. 2008 International Film Festival Rotterdam

tags: Feature film

Cast: Julieta Figueroa, Pablo Krögh, Mariana Muñoz, Angélica Riquelme


Director: José Luis Torres Leiva