Still Orangutans
Filmfest 2008

The possibilities of the digital medium allow technical exploits that were unthinkable before. The idea of the continuous shot is an increasing temptation, and when it has a conceptual justification it can create cinema of the greatest kind. STILL ORANGUTANS takes delight out of its own gratuity, the medium becomes the message; the plot's more of an outline of recognizable characters and situations during one random day in Porto Alegre, where the film was shot in one take. Pure movement, the joy of its own course, this film doesn't ask for any kind of comprehension from the viewer, but the contagion of its own, perpetual excitement. Those who give in, will reach the ending of the film with the sensation of having shared a happy drunkenness at someone else's party, with no interest or obligations, with the unpunished joy of the gatecrasher. BAFICI

tags: Feature film

Cast: Karina Kazué, Lindon Shimizu, Artur José Pinto, Kayodé da Silva


Director: Gustavo Spolidoro