Born Without
Filmfest 2008

In the first shot, the title is clarified - Jose Flores was born without arms, but this disability has not stopped him from earning a living as a street musician. This documentary by Eva Norvind, who died before its completion, was finished by her daughter Nailea and editor Carlos Armella. In different chapters, it tells the life story of Jose Flores - the life of a street musician on long trips across Mexico, his role as a husband and father, and the acting jobs he had in film, mainly as an extra. His strong desire for independence contrasts sharply with his refusal to wear prostheses. As the film progresses, we gain better insight into these different sides of Jose, and his apparently simple existence grows more and more complex. International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2007 "We travel back to his childhood home. We see him play soccer with his sons. When he takes a tumble, someone is there to pick him up. He's on a horse, he's on a boat. He's randy, he flirts, he tells jokes. He is a man."

With: José Flores, Graciela Flores, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Nicolas Echeverria

tags: Documentary


Director: Eva Norvind