Peaceful Times
Filmfest 2008

Germany in the Sixties. The Striesow family has just escaped from the "Zone" and ought to be looking forward to happier days in the West. Irene Striesow, however, can't let go of the past. She misses the German Democratic Republic, is wary of the new 'peace' and very suspicious of the 'other' women she suspects her husband Dieter of seeing. What Irene would like most of all is to die young. And she lets her husband and kids know it in no uncertain terms. As the living room increasingly turns into a war zone, the kids decide to take things into their own hands and see to it that Irene gets her groove back, that their father doesn't have to worry about telling jokes about commies, and that the Third World War doesn't start... Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Katharina Schubert, Oliver Stokowski, Nina Monka, Leonie Brill


Director: Neele Leana Vollmar