My Life Inside
Filmfest 2008

Rosa Estela Olvera took the ‘wetback’ way out of Mexico and into Texas in 1999, when she was just 17 – crossing the Rio Grande to Austin in search of a better life. She found a loving husband and started a family, but tragedy was to strike when, in 2003, one of the children that she acted as a childminder for, choked on a wad of paper towels and died. Rosa finds herself catapulted into a justice system she has virtually no knowledge of and faced with unspoken prejudice as a presumption of guilt seems more attractive to law enforcement than an assumption of innocence. Amber Wilkinson, This is no episode of Court TV: Gajá's impassioned documentary is full of sound and color and feisty editing... So effective are Gajá's methods that, by the time the verdict is delivered, viewers are left feeling as though their own lives hang in the balance. Peter Scarlet, Tribeca Film Festival

tags: Documentary


Director: Lucia Gajá