We are the Pope!
Filmfest 2008

Marktl on the river Inn – a Bavarian village of 2700 inhabitants, not far from the Austrian border – a sleepy, unheard of village. The 19th of April, 2005 changes everything: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is elected head of the Catholic church and over night Marktl suddenly becomes famous as the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI. Now, scores of tourists and pilgrims come to visit. The church is full of people and the shops are full of Pope-related products – Pope beer, Pope honey, Vatican bread, Pope sausage and even a Papal cook book. Some products trigger criticism and debate and disappear again. But new ones appear to take their place. This film shows a village in danger of going nuts, and people who have to find a way to walk the line between religion and commerce. Filmmaker Mickel Rentsch has assembled footage following the election of the Pope up to the Papal visit to Bavaria in September of 2006. The title refers to an (in)famous headline in leading German tabloid "Bild" on the day of the Pope's election.

tags: Documentary


Director: Mickel Rentsch