Jimmy Carter Man from Plains
Filmfest 2008

Nobel Peace Prize recipient, former President of the United States, Habitat for Humanity volunteer, US Navy Lieutenant, nuclear physicist, Sunday school teacher, and peanut farmer are all titles held by Jimmy Carter. Known for facilitating an “impossible” peace accord between Israel and Egypt during his presidency, he must face accusations of plagiarism, bigotry, and anti-semitism when his newest book 'Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid' brings charges that Israeli policies towards Palestine are counter-productive. As he defends the title over and over, Carter’s demeanor changes from someone who is dumbfounded that people don’t take him at his word on the struggles he has personally witnessed, to eventual anger at the unrelenting ad hominem attacks. Eventually, he resigns himself to accepting the fact that people don’t want honesty. While this wall might protect Carter from continual attacks, it is Demme’s camera that is capable of breaking through these defenses and seeing the true man lurking within. cinemafusion.com

With: Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter, Wolf Blitzer, Alan M. Dershowitz

tags: Documentary


Director: Jonathan Demme