The Sun Also Rises
Filmfest 2008

The Sun also Rises The sun also rises roams over two remote, contrasting regions – Yunnan’s Shangri-la and the Gobi Desert – and explores a Chinese universe of culture and revolution. Loosely inspired by the novel 'Velvet' by Ye Mi, the film weaves a quartet of narratives involving various protagonists linked by predestined connections...Shaping a new aesthetic of magical realism, Jiang deftly defies the gravity of linear storytelling to produce sheer visual poetry. This gallery of lavishly composed frames may seem to follow an irrational logic but, in the end, the imagery is as rare and precious as velvet was scarce in the isolated China the film so vividly depicts. Giovanna Fulvi, TIFF 2007 The film concentrates on eccentric characters and unusual and quirky situations, sometimes tiptoeing on the edge of fantasy, but remaining grounded in a recognizable emotional and even political reality. "A widesscreen pleasure." C.G.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jiang Wen, Joan Chen, Zhou Yun, Jaycee Chan


Director: Wen Jiang