Burned Hearts
Filmfest 2008

Amin, a young architect who lives in Paris, rushes back to Fès to visit his dying uncle. He has not spoken to the man who raised him since he left his hometown ten years ago. The visits to the hospital bring back the hidden sorrows of the past. His old friend, Aziz, urges him to forget the past and any idea of revenge. Amin meets the audacious and joyful Hourya, but their love affair ends as quickly as it began. The death of his uncle does not soothe his torments and the young man must find his own answers. Ahmed El Maanouni "A remarkable return to fiction by director Ahmed El Maanouni (director of the cult film OH THE DAYS, 1978) whose powerful musical documentary TRANCES was chosen to be restored and presented at Cannes Classics last year by Martin Scorsese to launch his World Cinema Foundation. 2008 International Film Festival Rotterdam "A carefully textured reflection on the conflicts embodied in contemporary Moroccan society" Alissa Simon, VARIETY , Dec. 14, 2007

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hicham Bahloul, Mohamed Derhem, Mohamed Marouazi, Az Al Arab Alkaghat


Director: Ahmed El Maanouni