Filmfest 2008

The Netherlands, 1979. 18-year-old Frankie Epstein lives in a working-class area near the docklands. His father Simon is a Holocaust survivor who is still traumatized by what happened to him during the war. His gloom makes it hard for his son to get along with him. When his mother, who always kept the family together, falls ill and dies, Frankie takes it out on his father and his surroundings. He gets into a fight with his best friend, who is from Surinam, and takes refuge with Robbert and his gang of Nazi skinheads. During a nighttime street fight outside of a snack bar, he stabs an Indonesian kid, who bleeds to death because Frankie's uncle Henk refuses to let him in his taxi cab. Frankie is sentenced to juvenile prison, where he doesn't make a lot of friends with his shaved head and swastika tattoo. His father Simon at first refuses to come visit him in prison, and when he does, confrontation ensues, with tragic consequences... Based on a true story.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Robert de Hoog, John Buijsman, Sylvia Poorter, Guus Dam


Director: Hanro Smitsman