Extraordinary Rendition
Filmfest 2008

"Out jogging on the streets of London, Zaafir stops to show a stranger directions on a map. While his back is turned, he is apprehended, pulled into a car and driven to an airport. There, he is drugged and whisked away to an undisclosed location. Threapleton effectively contrasts the banal domesticity of the opening scenes, in which we see the man discussing who will cook dinner with his girlfriend, with the horrific events that follow.... The incidents depicted here all have some basis in reality. Amnesty International offered advice to the production and provided Threapleton with contacts. The story was loosely inspired by the case of Maher Arar, a Canadian computer specialist who had been a victim of 'rendition,' although the director has stated that the film isn't based on a single incident. He also insists that the story isn't meant simply as a polemical docu-drama, but also reads as a dystopian thriller in the vein of Orwell and Kafka." Screen Daily

tags: Feature film

Cast: Omar Berdouni, Andy Serkis, Ania Sowinski, Jimmy Yuill


Director: Jim Threapleton