Big Fog
Filmfest 2008

Big Fog "The film took two years, from preparation to shooting and completion. It weaves together seemingly unconnected stories, including the suicide of a worker, the inner exile of an intellectual, and a bloody student movement: It all leads to bewilderment and confusion. The only thing that ties together the episodes is the innocent blood that has been shed. Gunshots and silence, bloodstains and forgetfulness, elegy and kitsch, medicine and lust, struggle and degeneration connect different times, and people's hearts and secrets. This is my first feature film. Since I primarily devote myself to contemporary art, I ran into a lot of difficulties while making this film. The biggest problems of filmmaking in the Mainland are financing and censorship. There is greater creative freedom and less censorship in Hong Kong, the situation is more optimistic. In 2006, during the organization of the art exhibit "Breathing" in Shangdong, I finished the script of BIG FOG. Wang Hongwei and Zhao Weiwei joined the production, while my artist and poet friends also appeared in cameos." Han Tao

tags: Feature film

Cast: Xu Yinuo, Wang Hongwei, Zhao Weiwei, Wu Xiuling


Director: Tao Han