Shall We Kiss?
Filmfest 2008

When Gabriel and Emilie meet totally by chance, they don't know it is the start of a long story. A story that Emilie tells Gabriel to explain why she refuses an innocent, meaningless kiss. A story about her friends Nicolas and Judith, whose first, innocent, meaningless kiss triggers a chain reaction of dramatic consequences. A story that may be about to repeat itself... For no kiss is innocent or meaningless. "Following the utterly charming CHANGE OF ADDRESS, Emmanuel Mouret continues his winning streak with SHALL WE KISS, another Woody Allen-meets-Eric Rohmer romantic comedy in which the young writer-director again plays the doofus lead. Less fizzy and more philosophical than ADDRESS, but still enjoyable in its wry observation of Eros' hits and misses, this is upscale French entertainment at its best." Variety

tags: Feature film

Cast: Emmanuel Mouret, Virginie Ledoyen, Julie Gayet, Michaël Cohen


Director: Emmanuel Mouret