I Always Wanted to Be a Gangster
Filmfest 2008

Four stories of failed gangsters crossing paths in an anonymous diner outside Paris one night: Franck wants to hold up the place, although all he has in his pocket is his fingers, not a gun. He pulls the stocking mask over his head, and runs straight into the nearest lamppost. Fortunately for him, Susie the waitress takes pity on him, seeing as she wanted to rob the place herself once. Leon and Paul kidnap Malaury, the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, demanding a half a million Euros ransom, only to discover the goth girl is severely suicidal and about to kill herself when the kidnappers showed up. Soon Leon and Paul are spending more time baby-sitting their victim than anything else. Two rock musicians on the downside of their careers meet in the diner and start arguing over who stole what song from whom. And four aging crooks come looking for their old hideout, a shack outside of Paris, only to discover the all-night diner in its place. A Parisian PULP FICTION, with a good dose of French humor and charm.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Anna Mouglalis, Edouard Baer, Bouli Lanners, Serge Lariviere


Director: Samuel Benchetrit