The Einstein Theory of Relativity
Filmfest 2008

THE EINSTEIN THEORY OF RELATIVITY, designed to explain the difficult concepts of specific relativity, for which Einstein had received the Nobel Prize in 1921, to a larger audience. With 80 000 animated frames, it was the largest animated film produced to date. The film, which was intertitled in English but presented with accompanying lecture in German, was an international box office success even though it was initially panned by the conservative German press for presenting the crazy theories of a Jew. The German version is lost, but the short English version produced by Austrian-Americans Max and Dave Fleischer at Fleischer Studios (BETTY BOOP; POPEYE) in New York under supervision of Hanns Walter Kornblum and based on the German version still exists. Based on the success of EINSTEIN THEORY OF RELATIVITY, Fleischer went on to produce another science feature, DARWIN'S THEORY OF EVOLUTION under their Out of the Inkwell Films label.

tags: Animation, Documentary, Short film


Director: Dave Fleischer