Emigré - Everything is Different
Filmfest 2008

Istvan Dárday and Györgyi Szalai co-helm the psychological drama The Emigré: Everything is Different, starring Ferenc Bács. When Hungarian belletrist Sándor Márai faces ridicule and ostracization in his native country, he decides to relocate, seeking refuge and solace in the West. As an alternate option, he resettles with his wife in San Diego - a transition that stirs up passion in him for his new country, even as he feels increased love for his spouse and finds a renewed source of creative inspiration in his adopted surroundings. In time, however, externalized pressures suddenly well up and inner conflicts mount; Sándor must come face to face with an unusual irony: the truth that it may be necessary to suffer through a period of intense loneliness and spiritual isolation to experience the full unbridled transcendence of love. Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ferenc Bács, Katalin Gyöngyössy, Gábor Welker, Mónika Balsai


Director: Györgyi Szalai, István Dárday