Filmfest 2008

Life for Bogdan couldn't seem more blissful, sea-vacationing along with his gorgeous wife and adorable young son. He has grown up: the days of glorious drinking trips and sexual adventures are long gone... But when Bogdan unexpectedly runs into his best friends from high school, vivid memories immediately flood back. Suddenly, he hears the wild call of bachelor life. Torn between his family obligations and the lure of a fun night out with his old friends, Bogdan — or Boogie, as he was known back then – comes to a realization. The gaps between his childhood pals have grown wider. Friendship, it seems, can no longer be based on common tastes in women, beer, or football teams. A coming-of-age film for a new generation. "Neptun, the Black Sea resort where we shot the film, was out of season, the place was almost empty and felt like a set. The restaurants were closing one by one, as we were the only group left. Really strange atmosphere, nothing like the noisy and lively place where my generation used to party." Radu Muntean

tags: Feature film

Cast: Dragos Bucur, Anamaria Marinca, Mimi Branescu, Adrian Vancica


Director: Radu Muntean