The End
Filmfest 2008

"Against the background of London's East End, novice film maker Nicola Collins investigates the fascinating complexity of the lives of her father and his friends: notorious crooks who turned their familiar surroundings, destroyed by World War Two, into a violent underworld. All the characters portrayed in this tightly composed documentary were born poor and grew up in the East End. They strived for a better life and found it in crime. The hard and merciless nature of the men emerges in the film, but also their authenticity and mutual bond. The conversations with the men are loosely grouped by story (boxing was part of the school curriculum), the typical language (Cockney rhyming slang was a secret code developed to mislead the cops) and accent (some of the dialogue is subtitled in English!), the codes of honour and the disappointment about the disappearance of the former cohesion of the area. Shown in atmospheric b & w, the voyeuristic effect helps make you part of a group of crooks you would probably avoid on the street." International Film Festival Rotterdam 2008

tags: Documentary

With: Les Falco, Victor Dark, Mickey Goldtooth, Danny Woollard


Director: Nicola Collins