Son of Rambow
Filmfest 2008

Drawing on his own fascination with 1982 classic RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD, writer-director Garth Jennings presents the improbably whimsical coming-of-age yarn SON OF RAMBOW. Young newcomer Bill Milner brims with infectious enthusiasm as shy ten-year-old Will, who escapes the confines of a strict religious upbringing by re-enacting the macho exploits of Sly Stallone in the English countryside. He is recruited by Will Poulter, playing school outcast Lee Carter, and together they cheerfully set the screen on fire. A joyous spirit of mischief is ever-present and Jennings has an eye for brilliant visual gags too, like the spectacle of a small boy being catapulted in a homemade stunt. It's an impressive balancing act for the director, who invokes the shock impact of FIRST BLOOD whilst preserving Will's innocence - until the film's endgame, in which both boys are forced to grow up. Crucially, their rapport feels totally authentic, so beyond the belly laughs and sunny '80s nostalgia, this is a portrait of friendship which is truly tender and moving. Stella Papamichael, BBC

tags: Feature film

Cast: Will Poulter, Bill Milner, Jessica Stevenson, Joshua


Director: Garth Jennings