Everybody Dies But Me
Filmfest 2008

One Monday morning in the Moscow suburbs, the 14-year-olds Katya, Vika and Janna are told that there will be a party held at their school next Saturday. It's the first party of the school year, and the first real party of their lives. The girls set about preparing feverishly for what soon becomes the center of their young lives and perhaps the most pivotal event ever. But then Katya picks a fight with their teacher, who threatens to cancel the party... "They are no longer children, but not yet adults. Just like infants have higher body temperatures, adolescents react feverishly to the world around them. They react more sharply - an adolescent can laugh and cry almost at the same time. They can stand up against their pa-rents and love them at the same time. They can argue with a friend and not imagine a life without her. On the surface there are sudden fierce reactions, deeper down there is innocence, a dreamy inner world." Valeria Gaia Germanica

tags: Feature film

Cast: Polina Philonenko, Agnia Kuznetsova, Olga Shuvalova


Director: Valeria Gaia Germanica