Filmfest 2008

Aristotle was already of the opinion that people thought best when walking. The director travelled around with his small crew on several federal roads in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Here he found three lonely travellers: Valdemar, Nercino and Paulão. They roam around on their own, without any destination, only on their way to the next moment, and as a result each has his own link to the landscape. Sometimes they bump into each other. The director films them without much intervention, focusing on their world. The personal backgrounds however remain vague, their mental state without diagnosis. Each of the characters has his own version of life to tell, varying from plot theories about negative spirits to practical reflections of the human spirit. More and more, it seems that the characters become whipped up in their own projections and dissolve in the places and sounds around them. Second part of a trilogy about loneliness. A feast for the eyes. Rotterdam Film Festival

With: Valdemar, Nercino, Paulão

tags: Documentary


Director: Cao Guimarães