The Drummer
Filmfest 2008

The Drummer "Nearly out-of-control Sid roams around Hong Kong, fearing no one, knowing that his all-powerful Triad father will save his hide. Sid seems to be always looking for trouble and he finds it in spades with a sexy girl named Carmen. Sid knows perfectly well that Carmen is the girlfriend of another powerful mob leader named Stephen Ma. The couple frolic in Stephen Ma’s apartment and things turn for the worse when Stephen Ma himself walks in on the couple. Sid fearing no one, tells Stephen Ma off and walks away unscathed. Ma then calls a meeting with Sid’s father named Kwan. Stephen doesn’t demand Sid’s life, but just his hands. Kwan not willing to cut his son’s hands off, concocts a plan to send his son away to hide in a small rural village in Taiwan and fake the dismemberment of his son’s hands. In Taiwan, Sid comes across the Zen Drummers. He becomes enchanted with the group and their Zen like drumming manner. He eventually asks to join their group. The Zen Drummers require Sid to go through a rigorous training program that teaches Sid about life..."

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jaycee Chan, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Angelica Lee, Roy Cheung


Director: Kenneth Bi