Construction of a Town
Filmfest 2008

Construction Of A Town tells the peculiar and paradoxical story of Federación, a small Argentine town that was demolished and flooded during the late seventies, and its inhabitants forcefully moved to a “New Town” because of the building of the Salto Grande dam.Today, almost 30 years later, Federación is visited by thousands of tourists. It’s not because of the touching story or because the remains of the old town that appear when the waters of the lake recede, but because of the underground thermal waters discovered during the nineties. CONSTRUCTION OF A TOWN is original, emotive, and humorous in it portrayal of people who are struggling to recapture the past or to leave it behind for good. Making use of interviews and home-made movies of the time, this documentary invites us to ponder and wonder about identity, memory and progress. Production Notes

tags: Documentary


Director: Néstor Frenkel