Lion's Den
Filmfest 2008

Julia wakes up in her apartment, surrounded bythe bloody corpses of Ramiro and Nahuel. Ramiro is still alive; Nahuel is dead. Both, simultaneously and secretly, were her lovers and one of them got Julia pregnant. Julia is sent to a prison for mothers and pregnant inmates. She spends her first days there absorbed and aloof. Two people come into her life. One is Marta, a fellow inmate who has reared two children in prison and who becomes her guide and counselor; the other is Sofia, Julia's own mother, an ambiguous character whoJulia meets up with again after many years. Sofia attempts to repair the mistakes of the past; she helps her daughter, gets her a good lawyer, sends her baby clothes, and slowly reestablishes their relationship. The legal case involving the death of Nahuel has two possible guilty parties: Julia and Ramiro, both in prison, in different penitentiaries. Their testimonies are contradictory, each one incriminating the other... Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Martina Gusman, Elli Medeiros, Rodrigo Santoro, Laura Garcia


Director: Pablo Trapero