I Have to Sleep, My Angel
Filmfest 2008

The beginning of the 70's in Yugoslavia is a time of rousing national conflicts. Goran, a nine year old boy in the countryside, seems to live an ordinary life with his parents and his mothers's parents. Goran's family is – quite typical for Yugoslavia at the time - a wild mixture of different attitudes, origins and influences. His father is a Croat, his mother a Serb, his grandfather a communist, his grandmother religious. The family is starting to fall apart, although everybody acts if everything is alright. Goran starts to stay away from home, spending more and more time with Lucija, a girl from the neighborhood. But as Lucija's father happens to be a radical anti-Yugoslav activist, new problems arise. Sensitively written and directed, this film is the most honest and unbiased Croatian film since the disintegration of Yugoslavia. An accurate, sophisticated, and warmhearted look back without anger at a lifestyle, a society, a country that has vanished forever. Zoran Gojic

tags: Feature film

Cast: Karlo Barbaric, Natasa Dorcic, Goran Grgic, Vera Zima


Director: Dejan Acimovic