Il Divo
Filmfest 2008

Giulio Andreotti was elected Italian prime minister a record seven times, his Democrazia Cristiana party ruled Italy as a virtual one-party-system for 44 years until they were finally exposed in the "Tangentopoli" scandal 1992. The film opens with a devastating sequence of assassinations Andreotti is connected with, from Aldo Moro to Roberto Calvi to Giovanni Falcone, and proceeds to concentrate on the revelations of Andreotti's last term. A chilling reminder of another Italian prime minister with a shady reputation who keeps coming back to power. "An intensely political film so wildly inventive and witty that it will become a touchstone for years to come, IL DIVO is a masterpiece for maverick helmer-scribe Paolo Sorrentino. Not merely chronicling the career of Andreotti but also zooming in on the enigmatic politico's character, pic features an astonishing degree of craftsmanship and a towering performance by Toni Servillo. This is a brave, bold film whose chance of international success are small, but whose ramifications are large." Variety

tags: Feature film

Cast: Toni Servillo, Anna Bonaiuto, Piera degli Esposti, Paolo Graziosi


Director: Paolo Sorrentino