What Just Happened
Filmfest 2008

"A bad test screening of his Sean Penn movie, 'Fiercely', sends its producer Ben into a tailspin. Blunt studio chief Lou demands cuts and changes, especially to the ending, where the dog gets killed. Manic British director Jeremy resists fiercely, then gives up a year of sobriety to face the editing room braced with serious narcotics and alcohol. Meanwhile, at another studio, a production head threatens to pull the plug on Ben's new movie about to shoot unless star Bruce Willis shaves his beard. His agent Dick refuses to broach the subject with his client because he is terrified of him. While juggling cell phone calls and driving all over the L.A. basin, Ben strives to reunite with his estranged wife Kelly despite the two being in 'separation therapy', discovers that screenwriter Scott is sleeping with her and tries to stay friends with his teenage daughter Zoe. In small, humiliating moments - such as when Lou contemptuously dismisses Ben's assistant from a conference, the film accurately catches Hollywood at its ugliest." Hollywood Reporter

tags: Feature film

Cast: Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, Robin Wright


Director: Barry Levinson