Mathias Kneissl
Filmfest 2008

Milestones in the life of the Kingdom of Bavaria's last great outlaw around the turn of the twentieth century. Kneissl was put to death in Augsburg in 1902. The sad and beautiful ballad of a Bavarian Jesse James. The stars in supporting roles include Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Volker Schlöndorff and Werner Kließ. A tale of violence and whoring, love and death. The story of that poor bastardand folk hero, Mathias Kneissl. One of the best post-war German films on the subject of crime and punishment. Tough and tender; realistic and poetic. Dreams Beneath The Golden Palms - Bodo Fründt, Bernd Lepel, Edition Achteinhalb, Lothar Just, 1987 This is the story of one man, but it could be the story of many others. We don't heroicize him. We show him with all his weaknesses, his problems, his fears, his helplessness and his fury. Reinhard Hauff

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hans Brenner, Ruth Drexel, Frank Frey, Eva Mattes, Hanna Schygulla


Director: Reinhard Hauff