Filmfest 2008

"Based on a scandalous Italian bestseller, GomorraH is a pun on the name of the Naples mafia, the Camorra. After an alluringly lurid tanning-salon massacre in its opening moments, GomorraH interweaves several different stories related to the violent criminal gangs that continue to operate in the region: There's the graying accountant; the young innocent who wants to join the gangs; the mob tailor who moonlights for the Chinese; a Mafioso businessman's apprentice working in toxic waste removal; and most notably, two aspiring Tony Montanas, who provide the film its most indelible image when they sample a stolen cache of machine guns and grenade launchers in their underpants." indieWIRE "Powerful, stripped to its very essence and featuring a spectacular cast (of mostly non-professionals), GomorraH goes beyond Tarantino's gratuitous violence and even Scorsese's Hollywood sensibility in depicting the everyday reality of organized crime's foot soldiers. The faces he chooses make most movie mafiosos look like models." Hollywood Reporter

tags: Feature film

Cast: Toni Servillo, Gianfelice Imparato, Marco Macor, Ciro Petrone


Director: Matteo Garrone