The Killer
Filmfest 2008

Christmas Eve in Paris. Leo Zimmerman is a businessman who lives for his beloved little daughter’s smile. Outwardly, his life is exemplary. However, when Dimitri Kopas walks into his office, pretending to be a normal client, Leo understands that a contract is out on his head and that the young man has come to town to kill him. Overcome with anxiety and paranoia, no longer able to sleep, Leo decides to meet the killer face to face and to broker a strange deal. Unifrance An ingenious character study of a murderer and a victim up to the decisive moment. The nervous businessmen, restless in everything, but determined in his aims, contrasts with the cold-blooded Kopas. But their pact changes the men for ever. The film develops into a minimalist but stylish thriller that, despite Kopas’ unrelenting nature, still gets a 'human' ending. It is Christmas Eve, after all. International Film Festival Rotterdam

tags: Feature film

Cast: Gilbert Melki, Grégoire Colin, Mélanie Laurent, Sophie Cattani


Director: Cédric Anger