Botero - Born in Medellin
Filmfest 2008

To celebrate the 75th birthday of artist Fermnando Botero, Peter Schamoni uses state-of-the-art film techniques to recount the success story of an artist who grew up in poverty in a remote town in the Andes: "The Man from Medellin", who conquered the European art world and became a star of the global art scene. His works have been exhibited in over 70 one-man shows in museums throughout the world, from Tokyo to Stockholm and Washington to Caracas. His monumental sculptures have thrilled people on every continent, i.e. at large-scale presentations on the Champs-Elysées in Paris 1992, on Park Avenue in New York in 1993 and in the Berlin Lustgarten in 2007. The film focuses particularly on the stirring and unsettling series of paintings the artist was inspired to by the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Production Notes

tags: Documentary


Director: Peter Schamoni