Filmfest 2012

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Fragments of a summer day. In the south of Chile, small events shape the lives of visitors and employees of an old thermal resort. The stories of the protagonists connect in moments of everyday life. While the visitors experience a contemplative break, the locals are merged in their routine. After enjoying long vacation hours in nature, learning how to drive, kissing for the first time, swimming or just walking and talking, the day slowly unravels into impressions of happiness and discovery.

"This is a narrative made up of multiple stories, but it is not an ensemble piece. There is a center and many branches that break off from it. Their principal axes are precisely these small moments, the invisible instants of everyday life that all of the characters passing through the film experience."
José Luis Torres Leiva

tags: Feature film

Cast: Rosario Blefari, Julieta Figueroa, Francisco Ossa, Ignacio Agüero, Mariana Muñoz


Screenplay: José Luis Torres Leiva

Director of Photography: Inti Briones

Film Editor: Andrea Chignoli, José Luis Torres Leiva

Production Designer: Juan Rosas

Costume Design: Catalina Devia

Sound: Roberto Espinoza

Producer: Alicia Scherson

Production Company: La Ventura Ltda.

World Sales: M-appeal

Director: José Luis Torres Leiva