This Is Not A Robbery
Filmfest 2009

Red Rountree hated banks. He hated banks when he was growing up poor in the Great Depression. He hated banks when he lost his million-dollar fortune. And he still hated banks at age 92 when he was caught robbing one in Abilene, TX - armed with nothing but a manila envelope and a red pen. Dubbed by the media as "The World's Oldest Bank Robber", Rountree started his criminal career at age 86. Before that, he claimed he never even got a speeding ticket. THIS IS NOT A ROBBERY recreates Red's life story as a contemporary American folk-tale of epic proportions. The film melds stories told by Rountree in federal prison only months before his death, with found footage, family photos, contemporary interviews and animated sequences to bring to life a man who outlived all of his friends and family but couldn't resign himself to the isolation and malaise of old age. A man who survived almost an entire century… only to discover that what he loved most was robbing banks. Production Notes

with: J. L. 'Red' Rountree

tags: Documentary


Director: Adam Kurland, Lucas Jansen