Filmfest 2009

Maria is an illegal immigrant from Honduras. Like thousands of other foreigners, she lives in a shadow world with its own rules. She constantly has to be careful not to attract attention to herself. If caught, she would be deported immediately. Her already problematic existence is made more complicated when she has to have her two children join her. She borrows money from a loan shark and rents a bigger apartment for an outrageous rent. Without official paperwork she cannot register the children at school, thus forcing her to leave them alone at home while she is working. On top of all this, living with the children has become more expensive, forcing her to work even more. Besides her daily cleaning jobs, she risks working in bars and restaurants. Maria is on the verge of a nervous breakdown when Peter, an eccentric insurance agent whose apartment she cleans, comes up with a surprising offer… Production Notes

tags: Feature film

Cast: Carolina Vera, Matthias Brandt, Maximilian Brückner, Mira Mazumdar, Fahri Yardim


Director: René Heisig