Agrarian Utopia
Filmfest 2009

Facing seizure of their lands, two families find themselves farming together on the same field, hoping just to get through another rice-farming season like every year. But no matter how much the world is evolving, how much the country is going through economic, political and social changes, they still cannot grasp that ideology of happiness. How can we dream of utopia while our stomachs are still grumbling? Production Notes "I wonder whether all these professions we have in the world (including filmmaking) are really necessary. How much does the world really need them? I feel that the more we complicate things, the more it produces emptiness and unfulfillment in return, one way or another." Uruphong Raksasad

with: Prayad Jumma, Somnuek Mungmeung, Sai Jumma, Nikorn Mungmeung, Sompong Jumma

tags: Documentary


Director: Uruphong Raksasad